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Instant AI for Google Slides Design

Discover the Power of AI Presentation Tool to Create Google Slides(tm), Effortlessly

Are you tired of struggling with complex design software when creating your Google Slides presentations? With Instant AI, you can say goodbye to the steep learning curve. Instant AI for Google Slides creates dynamic, fully editable slides by simply typing in the topic.

Instant AI can help you achieve any presentation goal, whether it’s to impress investors, deliver a persuasive speech or nail that sales pitch. You only need to enter your topic, your presentation type and your desired slide duration.

This AI-powered tool does the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on giving a great presentation.

Instant AI stands out from other tools because it is committed to producing visually appealing and engaging slides.

Don’t settle with generic layouts that are text-heavy. Instead, draw from a vast library of over 100 professionally-crafted slide templates. These templates generate dynamic diagrams and flowcharts to help you convey your message.

Instant ai is easy to get started:

  1. Installation: Install seamlessly the app within your Google Workspace ™ by selecting the “Install” option.
  2. Topics and Preferences Enter the topic of your presentation, choose your presentation type and specify your desired length.
  3. Branding Customize your slides using fonts and colours that match your brand identity.
  4. Click To Generate: Press the “Generate button” and watch Instant AI for Google Slides work its magic, creating and designing your slide flawlessly.

Instant AI will not only help you save time, but it will also make your presentations more memorable.

You can now create Google Slides presentations that are more engaging and efficient. Experience the future of design with Instant AI!